Used Overwrapper


Item #8352 – OVERWRAPPER Manufactured by MARDEN EDWARDS Model E125FF Evo-Fold fully automatic single pack overwrapper with Front Feed Infeed. With tear tape speeds up to 45 cartons per minute ...

Used Mixing Tank

Mixing Tank

Item #8357 – MIXING TANK Manufactured by NV PACKO. 2000 litres Stainless Steel Jacketted with Propeller Mixer. 1600mms diameter x 1100mms high. Bottom Outlet, also with 450mms diameter Top ...

Used Guillotine Cutter

Guillotine Cutter

Item #8358 – GUILLOTINE CUTTER Manufactured by SOLLICH 600mms wide. Including : AT-620 Infeed Belt, SGU-M 620 Guillotine/Cutter, ET-620 Outfeed Belt

Used Automatic L-Sealer

Automatic L-Sealer

Item # 8360 – L-SEALER Automatic sealer Manufactured by ULMA Model SLAU 50/50 Up to 45 cycles per minute Sealing dimensions 550mm x 550mm Product dimensions length 60 to 470mm : width 60 to 4...

Used Rasch chocolate foil wrapper

Rasch chocolate foil wrapper

Item # 8206 – CHOCOLATE FOIL WRAPPER Bunch style wrapping, universal praline wrapper Manufactured by RASCH Model RU-BS, currently set up for chocolate hearts measuring approx. 33mms long x 32mm...



Item # 8332 - HORIZONTAL SACHET MACHINE Used for hot-fill of tomato paste in 70 grams / 210 grams and 400 grams. Manufactured by BOSSAR Model B2500 STU/D-CV-P (Duplex) Speeds around 90 per minu...



Item #8355 – SPIRAL FREEZER Manufactured by EUROTEK Only been used for 500 hours ! Model Number 48 (1.8)14 @ 150. 14-Tiers, Belt width 48 inches overall (45inches effective width) Belt Type : ...

Used Hacos Depositor for chocolate or cream centres

Hacos Depositor for chocolate or cream centres

Item # 8177 – DEPOSITOR FOR CHOCOLATE OR CREAM CENTRES Manufactured by HACOS Model MDS Twin 1D 60 3x380V 50hz, 20a Capacity up to 20 moulds per minute Maximum depositing 2 x 30 nozzles Maximum depo...

Used Capsule Filler

Capsule Filler

Item # 8354 - CAPSULE FILLER Manufactured by IMA Model Matic 90 up to 90000 capsules per hour depending on product suitable for powder/granules with weight checker Includes size parts for 1, ...

Used Capsule Filler

Capsule Filler

Item # 8353 - CAPSULE FILLER Manufactured by ACG Pam Model AF-200T Capacity up to 200,000 per hour With size 4 capsule parts for powders/granules Includes Model SE200 Sorter Elevator - Automa...

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