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Manufactured by RADEMAKER

working width of 600mms

Type Crusto Bake Line

Was doing the following types of products :

Niittypitko 2000 pcs / h, 2 rows, dough thickness 3-4 mm

Coffee bread Kranssi 2000 pcs / h, 2 rows, dough thickness 3-4 mm

Muhku, 10 000 pcs / h, 8 rows, dough thickness 6-8 mm

Ciabatta, 7200 pcs / h, 6 rows

Folded bread, 4800 pcs / h, 4 rows, dough thickness 5 mm

Capacity based on 20 strokes per minute for the retracting belt, in combination with the product

discharge conveyor system.

Voltage: 3 x 400 v + N + Pe, 50 Hz

Control voltage: 24 Vdc

Power consumption: 21, 9 kW

Inom: 41 A, max fuse 50 A

Avarage air consumption: 196 nl / min

Max air consumption: 548 nl / min

Dimension: L 21 000 mm, W 3000 mm, H 6000 mm.

Line includes :

Infeed transport conveyor, working width 600 mm, lenght 2900 mm.

Flour duster, working width 600 mm, the unit consists of a hopper moiunted above aplastic roller with a grooved profile.

X-Pack dough sheeting system, working width 250 mm.

Flour duster to cover the dough skeet with a layer of flour.

The side compacting rollers.

Quick reducer gauging station.

Sharp outfeed transport conveyor.

Intermediate transport conveyor.

Flour duster to cover the belt with a layer of flour.

Cross roller for rolling the dough sheet across the width.

Flour duster to cover the dough sheet with a layer of flour.

Two roll gauging station to reduce the dough thickness by a maximum factor of 2:1 depending on the dough type and quality.

Transport conveyor, including a driven cutting roller base set to cut th esides from dough sheet and to cut the sheet in stripes.

Flour removal brush to remove the excess flour from the dough sheet.

Spreading cord conveyor with a length of approximately 1500 mm to spread the dough lanes in the width. Working width 1000 mm.

One set of flour ploughs. Working width 1000 mm. The ploughs are suitable for folding dough strips with a width between 90 and 160 mm.

Flour hingeable pressing rollers to press the folded dough together.

The quillotine module, working width 1000 mm. Strokes per minute adjustable up to 100 per minute when executed with a cutting blade and 60 per minute executed with a stamping tool.

Diagonal cutter for artisian baquettes for the quillotine.

Topping module consisting of 2 polycord sections to transport products underneath the moistening roller ( wet section ) and the universal strewer with driven pressing roller, working width 1000 mm.

Air operated water spray unitwith four nozzles to spray the dough sheet or products with layer.

Universal strewer for the dispensing of various dry materials. Working width 1000 mm.

Transport conveyor with a length of approximately 1500 mm. Working width 1000 mm.

Retracting belt with a retracting-length of approximately 380 mm to automatically transport products under running conveyor.

Transport conveyor with a working width 1000 mm.

The line control is provided with a full automatic Siemens control system with one color panel view screen which will be placed on the gauging station.

The line is in a warehouse and available immediately. Layout is there, manuals, wiring diagrams, etc.


ModelCrusto Bake Line
Stock Number8967