Used Cereal Bar Forming Line

Cereal Bar Forming Line

Item #8569 – CEREAL BAR FORMING LINE It can produce cereal bars, oat bars and any similar to them product, e.g.: cereal bars with chocolate chips, cereal bars with fruits etc. Manufactured in Chi...

Used Sollich Mini Conbar Forming Rollers

Sollich Mini Conbar Forming Rollers

Item # 8085 – MINI CONBAR FORMING ROLLERS Manufactured by SOLLICH Mini-Conbar Forming Rollers, Year 2014, in excellent like new working condition, very little use. Including Paper Reel Feeder, 1st ...



Item # 8568 – BAR FORMING MACHINE suitable for bars and centres such as caramel, fruit based, nougat, fudge, creams, marzipan, coconut, health bars, biscuits etc Manufactured by NID (Australia) ...

Used Bar Forming Drum/Roller

Bar Forming Drum/Roller

Item #8433 – BAR FORMING DRUM/ROLLER used to produce another layer on the 1st bar layer Manufactured by SOLLICH Stainless Steel Bar Forming Roller, 850mms wide x 1105mms high.

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