Blister Packer

Used Blister Packer

Blister Packer

Item #8572 – BLISTER PACKING MACHINE Manufactured by UHLMANN Model B1240, Forming films: PVC/ PVDC, PA/AL/PVDC, other types of film on request Lid foil : Alu, other types of film on request Fo...


Used Capper


Item # 8468 – CAPPER Pick and place capping machine with special jaw grippers, which automatically take caps from a tray. Capping may be performed with a back-turn. Manufactured by UNILOGO (Polan...

Capsule Fillers

Used Capsule Filler

Capsule Filler

Item # 8467 – CAPSULE FILLER Manufactured by BOSCH Model GKF1200 - size-parts 0, 1, 2 en 4 complete. - size-parts 3, without tamping pins and capsule feeding unit. - size-parts 00, without cap...

Used Capsule Filler

Capsule Filler

Item # 8354 - CAPSULE FILLER Manufactured by IMA Model Matic 90 up to 90000 capsules per hour depending on product suitable for powder/granules with weight checker Includes size parts for 1, ...

Used Capsule Filler

Capsule Filler

Item # 8353 - CAPSULE FILLER Manufactured by ACG Pam Model AF-200T Capacity up to 200,000 per hour With size 4 capsule parts for powders/granules Includes Model SE200 Sorter Elevator - Automa...

Coating pans / belt coaters

Used Coating Pan

Coating Pan

Item #8530 – COATING PAN Manufactured by MANESTY Model Accela-Cota 10, Sugar & Film Coating unit Working capacity up to 17.5kg. 20litres perforated mesh drum with internal spray nozzle assembl...

Tablet Inspection Machinery

Used Tablet Inspection Machine

Tablet Inspection Machine

Item # 8173 – TABLET INSPECTION MACHINE Manufactured by PRODITEC (France) Model Inspectab 100C, with colour capability it can inspect the batch, detect the selected defects, remove the defective ta...

Tablet presses

Used Tablet Press

Tablet Press

Item #8471 – TABLET PRESS Manufactured by MANESTY Model Betapress, Max. 13mm punchs diameter, B Type tower and punches



Item # 8149 – TABLET PRESS Manufactured by IMA KILIAN Model Synthesis 330 Tablet Press, Type 22/IPT-B, This machine has a 22-Punch TSM-B Turret, the tablet press is fully instrumented and has a sof...

Used IMA Comprima Tablet Press

IMA Comprima Tablet Press

Item # 8161 - TABLET PRESS Manufactured by IMA Type COMPRIMA 300 36-station Maximum output (tablets/hour) 300,000 Maximum turret speed (RPM) 138 Round Tablet dimensions 5÷16mm Oblong tablet dimensi...

Tube Filler

Used Tube Filler

Tube Filler

Item # 8246 – TUBE FILLER Manufactured by UNIPAC Metal Tube Filler & Sealer, Model 2589, Folded Seal, Including parts for 40gramme (28mms diameter x 110mms long), 60gramme (28mms diameter x 150mms ...

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