Aasted Chocolate Temperer

Item # 8175 – CHOCOLATE TEMPERER Manufactured by AASTED Model AMK-2000P 3 x 380volts, 50Hz, 14kW Power. 2000Kgs capacity machine, including a Pre-Tempering Zone.

Selmi Temperer, Tank & Cooling Tunnel

Item # 8155 – SELMI TEMPERER, TANK & COOLING TUNNEL SELMI TOP EX Temperer, 400v, 50hz. R404a with vibration table SELMI TANK model 400 - Continuous chocolate mixer and melter SELMI TUN Cooling Tun...


Item # 7332a - CHOCOLATE TEMPERER Manufactured by CHOCOTECH Model TS4 Capacity variable between 150kg/hr and 450kg/hr Dimensions 1.1m long x 1.1m wide x 2.2m high Weight 860kg 380v, 50hz

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