Used Flat Lollipop Former & Wrapper

Flat Lollipop Former & Wrapper

Item # 8604 – FLAT LOLLIPOP FORMING & WRAPPING MACHINE Manufactured by Latini Model No. MDPW-1, Continuous mini die pop machine, set up for a 32mms diameter lollipop, about 8grammes in weight, ...

Used Ball Lollipop Bunch Wrapper

Ball Lollipop Bunch Wrapper

Item #8631 – BALL LOLLIPOP BUNCH WRAPPING MACHINE Manufactured by CARUGIL Model CWL-600 Omnia currently set up for 25mms diameter nominal capacity at up to 600 pieces per minute.

Used Ball Lollipop Forming Line

Ball Lollipop Forming Line

Item #8630 – BALL LOLLIPOP FORMING LINE with optional Gum Centre Filling nominal capacity around 750 Lollipops per minute, including : CARUGIL STR300 Gum Centre Filler, for injecting gum into c...

Used Lollipop Double Twist Wrapper

Lollipop Double Twist Wrapper

Item # 8607 - LOLLIPOP TWIST WRAPPER Manufactured by AQUARIUS Model UM1 Large piece wrapper Manual feed into rotary feed plate. Currently with feedplate for 40g flat lollipops Capacity depend...

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