Used Chocolate Moulding Line complete with packaging machinery

Chocolate Moulding Line complete with packaging machinery

Item # 8538 - CHOCOLATE MOULDING LINE with WRAPPING MACHINES Suitable for solid bars or bars with inclusions such as chopped nuts, cornflakes and similar fillings, with a size of up to 4 mm This ...

Used Chocolate Moulding Line

Chocolate Moulding Line

Item #8441 - ONE SHOT CHOCOLATE MOULDING LINE Manufactured by WESTAL Type 600 One Shot Chocolate Moulding Line, currently set up for book moulding & producing 7grammes solid chocolate eggs. Ove...

Used Chocolate Foil Wrapper

Chocolate Foil Wrapper

Item #8537 – CHOCOLATE FOIL WRAPPER Setup for small bars 20g, 80 x 25 x 8mms high Manufactured by OTTO HANSEL Model Number HNK Including Guarding,

Used Chocolate Bunch Wrapper

Chocolate Bunch Wrapper

Item #8536 – CHOCOLATE BUNCH WRAPPER Setup for foil wrap of chocolate bells with string attachment Manufactured by RASCH Model Number RUEK, currently set up to wrap 12grammes solid chocolate be...

Used Cooling Tunnel

Cooling Tunnel

Item #8532 – COOLING TUNNEL Manufactured by SOLLICH 280mms wide Belt, Cooling Tunnel length is 8metres. Infeed is 500mms long, Outfeed is 1500mms long.

Used Chocolate Temperer

Chocolate Temperer

Type: SNE 2200 Super Nova Energy Capacity: 2200 kg/h

Used One Shot Depositor

One Shot Depositor

Item #8535 – ONE SHOT DEPOSITOR Manufactured by AWEMA Model UDM-202 415Volts, 50Hz, Up to 75 Strokes per minute, up to 40 moulds per minute.

Used One Shot Depositor

One Shot Depositor

Item # 8534 – ONE SHOT DEPOSITOR Manufactured by POMATI Model OSD Zero Special upgraded version of the machine, also added to package an extra device for macron production. Extended possibiliti...

Used Teabag Machine

Teabag Machine

Item #8533 – TEABAG MACHINE Manufactured by IMA Model C21 S, Dimensions of two-chamber package: 60x45mm Label paper: Inner roll diameter 152mm, outer max 500mm, Label dimensions: 56 x 20 ± 0,1...

Used Margarine Tub Filler

Margarine Tub Filler

Item # 8481 – TUB FILLING MACHINE Manufactured by TREPKO previously used for 2kg tubs of margarine 30 per minute

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