Bag-in-Box Packing Line

Bag-in-Box Packing Line

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Item # 8225 - BAG-IN-BOX PACKING LINE Manufactured by OK PACKING Bakery products (fresh & frozen), candy, sugar, fruits & nuts, fish & meat products, snacks, hardware & plastics, oils & fats, powders, granules, vegetables, frozen food, coffee & tea Up to 600 - 1200 cases/hour depending on product and case size. Case sizes min. 250 x 200 x 150 mm - max. 600 x 400 x 400 mm Line includes Superformer (Case Erector) model 1M Superliner (polybag-in-box machine) model SL220 Tamper Applied Vibration Ltd vibration feeder type M30/40-50 Product Infeed Inclined Conveyor G. Webb Automation product weigher /filler Supercloser (bag uncuffer/closer) model SC500 Supertaper (bag-in-box case sealer) model 1A


ManufacturerOK Packing
Stock Number8225