TWIN SCREW EXTRUDER for the production of cereal flakes:

TWIN SCREW EXTRUDER for the production of cereal flakes:

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Item # 8783 - EXTRUDER twin screw (TWIN SCREW EXTRUDER) for the production of cereal flakes:

Producer: PAVAN

Model: TT92

Year: 2002

Dimensions: 6580 x 4150 x 3000

Productivity: about 400 - 600 kg/h

Min. Extrusion temperature on the 1st section: 30 ° C


A twin screw extrusion device as a result of a continuous and automatic process, a great variety of

flour and cereal starches / tubers, both mixed and pure.

The materials from the dispensing unit are pre-mixed using a suitable device equipped with counterrotating

blades (double shaft mixer) and then enter the mixing tank for kneading and


From the mixing tank, through a suitable screw device (forced supply), the mixture is forced into a

group of cooking cylinders, in which the heating of the cylinders takes place to the desired stage,

according to a predefined and automatically controlled temperature profile.

compatibility of extruder screws, which are replaced by modular transport, mixing, inverted

transport elements, significantly increases the flexibility of machine use. At the exit of each cooking

group, the product enters the block of the head to be drawn in the desired shape and, if necessary, is

cut by the appropriate cutting group.

On the head side, the extruder screws are removed from the kitchen cylinder to facilitate cleaning

and maintenance, as well as changing the configuration of the screws themselves.

no longer in production, 


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