Company Profile


Raymond Travel Machinery Ltd are buyers and sellers of used production and packaging machinery. Based in the UK, the business was founded by Mr Raymond Hart and is now run by his sons Paul and Jason. Operating since 1975 our customer base spans the Globe, including major multi-nationals, SMEs as well as start-up businesses. We buy & sell all types of used production & packaging machinery, from the smallest & simplest of machines for a start up business, right up to much larger units to increase our customers’ production or packaging outputs.


Many companies have surplus machinery sitting on the factory floor or in their storage warehouses. These unwanted assets always have some kind of value to other companies. Over time they can deteriorate and simply gather dust. Any value they do have, will also then be significantly reduced. We help the owners to transform these unwanted assets into money. Selling these unused assets the owners can turn this idle machinery into capital which can be reinvested into new machinery, etc. Our business works with the owners to identify the machinery; advertising the machinery to our Worldwide customer base and searching for the buyer. Through our website, emailing marketing campaigns, spot advertising & good old fashioned telephone calls, we are able to put your unwanted, surplus used machinery in front of many thousands of potential buyers. We have a large database of customer enquiries, so we know what customers could be interested in certain types of machinery. Also through experience in selling used machinery, we can approach our customers to see if they are interested in certain types of equipment, as & when it becomes available.  We work together with all the companies involved to complete the sale and transfer of assets.


Selling machinery in working condition from the factory floor will produce the best financial return for the seller, as the buyer can make an inspection assured he has a working machine. Sometimes details & pictures/video of machines are enough for a buyer to commit to a purchase. We do also sell machinery in “as is” condition which would be reflected in a lower price. This enables the customer to then have the option to do some maintenance and mechanical work themselves, or to send to a specialist engineering company to get it set up to their exact specifications before installing in production. We believe that we offer very competitive pricing for all of our used machinery.


As well as selling individual machines, we also sell complete production and/or packaging lines usually brokering these directly from the factory. From a sellers point of view this will maximize their return on the equipment, for a buyer they will gain confidence from seeing the line installed, maybe even still running. Early notification from the seller of surplus assets also ensures maximum marketing time to our customer base. If a complete line can be sold directly from the factory floor, then this also gives the seller a clear floor space to work with, once the line is no longer required, reducing their own cost of removal, storage, etc.


As well as working as a broker in such transactions selling the machines directly from the customers’ factories, we also regularly buy machinery for our own stock which is then brought back to the UK and stored, until the right buyer is found. The machinery is stored in a secure warehouse, and can also be export packed before collection or indeed we can assist with organising the freight side of the deal. We can cater to most of our customers’ needs with regard to packing, etc. Most of our equipment sales are international and result in shipping container loads being loaded at our warehouse, to then be onward shipped around the world. Through our Freight Forwarding Agent, we are able to quote & ship to most parts of the World!


The other side of the used machinery equation is that someone looking to buy a machine can often take advantage of the much shorter lead times than new equipment, and reduced costs that buying used machinery offers. Our customers regularly inform us of all the used machinery they currently need or are interested in for future production. We will offer to them the most suitable machinery we know that is currently available and if we don’t have something immediately available we will try to find it from our customer base around the world. We also send out email campaigns “Looking For” specific items of used machinery that we know we have customers needing.


There are always great opportunities for selling your surplus machinery assets and realising its value, and indeed buying used machinery and the savings this makes. All around the World, there are many growing & ongoing businesses who realise the benefits of looking at used machinery as an alternative to buying brand new equipment. This recycling of machinery around the world also has many environmental benefits which is an important consideration.


On a daily basis, used machinery is offered to us that is available or is coming available in the near future. This then provides us with the opportunity to keep our customers regularly up to date with what is for sale, and they are then able to make decisions about what items are of further interest for their companies requirements.

Through regular contact with our customer base we are able to offer an extensive range of used machinery. Having located machinery available for sale, we then look to match it with customers’ current or future requirements, or approaching customers who have purchased these types of machines before. We can arrange site inspections when required, and following a purchase we can assist with the removal and transport logistics coordinating the sale to make it as smooth as possible for the buyer and the seller.


We welcome ALL of your enquiries for used machinery, small or large, single machine to production lines. If we can help you immediately then we will, if not then we make every effort possible to try to locate what you need. At the same time, if you have surplus machinery available, or coming available, then please contact us with details of what you can offer. It maybe that we want to purchase your surplus machinery for our stock, or that we have customers interested in buying what you no longer require. As a family run business, operating for nearly 50 years, we pride ourselves in our honest, helpful & value for money business manner. A large majority of our business is repeat business, many of whom have known are company since it started, and coming back again & again for their used machinery requirements.

Please make Raymond Travel Machinery Ltd your first port of call for all of your used machinery requirements, and surplus asset sales.