Jar Filling Line

Jar Filling Line


Item # 8494 - JAR FILLING LINE

for filling chutney, cooking sauces, pastes, marinades, etc in various different jar sizes for supermarkets. The plant is capable of handling and filling various different sizes of jars and different volumes as well.

The plant is capable of producing 2000 to 3000 jars per house depending on the size of the jar and the filling volume.

The jars are loaded on an eight lane conveyor, from there jars are picked and air blown inside to clean any foreign body inside, depositor fills the jar and forwards it to the capper where the steam in injected to sterilize the top void and twist cap is applied. Once the cap is applied the conveyor moves the filled and capped jars in the pasteurising tunnel. The tunnel works in two stages, initially it raises the temperature to sterilize the entire product in the jar and then it is cooled to room temperature. Once the product is out of the pasteurising tunnel, it goes through a hot air blowing tunnel to dry the jar and make it ready to apply the label.

Volumes of 190ml up to 700ml were made with this line (details of the jars and caps are included with the photos)

The plant consists of the following 

L.S. (Italy) mono-block incorporating 8-lane jar feeder (manually loaded) into air blown jar cleaner into 4-head jar filling machine - piston filler

Year 2009, Model L-8-PF-4.

Siemens Simatic Touch screen PLC

L.S. (Italy) capping machine Type Twist-Off Capper model LT-100, serial number IC01M31-09 year 2009. 

The capping machine has steam injection for sterilisation

With 3Master type ALN-200-200 cap infeed hopper/elevator

Conveyoring turning 90deg leading to

IC Filling Systems Pasteurisation Tunnel. Steam heating and then cooling to ambient. Model TPN 12X1-6P, serial number 11 562 year 2011. 1m wide belt. Aperture height 30cm

With ILMED Impianti Water Cooling Tower model ATT-C1-10-5 serial number 11T09484. Year 2011 and with circulation pump

Conveyoring turning 180deg leading to

IC Filling Systems warm air blower for removal of condensation. Model CT500 serial 11 1561. Year 2011

Conveyor to

PMR self-adhesive labeller. Single label head with wrap around function. Up to 70mm label height. Model 3010DIGIT. Type 3000.150. Serial number 5656.07 (labeller has faults and may not function)

Conveyoring turning 90deg to end of line Packing was done by hand at the end of the line

Line Control panel Model CON0811, serial 11 1560 

Last used in production in May 2017. LINE IS NOW DISMANTLED AND IN STORAGE

Line is 415volt, 50hz, 3ph

(line does not include a steam generator for the pasteuriser. It does not include a date printer)


ManufacturerL.S. / IC
Stock Number8494