Twin Tower Ambient Spiral Cooler


Item # 8073 - SPIRAL COOLER
Manufactured by ENE
Comprises two cooling towers of 17-tiers with a single continuous conveyor belt
Ambient cooling
The coolers turn 90 degrees so as the product flows looking from above they enter the system from the west and exit from a southerly direction with the belt travelling in a Clockwise direction
Spiral tower one has entry at base to the top passing over to the second tower which has rotation from the top to the bottom and bottom outlet to exit
Inlet height is 850 mm and discharge height is 1125 mm.
Stainless steel frame
Tension station between the two towers
Cooling time currently around 1hr
On current product the system handles 1500kg/hr of product : Inlet temperature around 95C and outlet temperature is ambient
The belt is Plastic Unichain Flex one with exchangeable wear pads
Belt width is 600mm with a usable width of 550mm , the belt length the product is in with is approx. 250mtrs plus around 30mtrs on the return and tension drive . Each tower has 17 tiers with a clearance between the tiers of 75mm.
The belt speed is around 4.7mtrs/min giving a holding time of 60mins
The electrical cabinet is analogue control with no HMI and only a basic PLC control using Hitachi inverters an PLC
The footprint of the coolers forms an L shaped configuration 9.5m X 4.5m with a height of 3.3m

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