Steel Belt Tunnel Oven 1.1m wide x 24m baking


Item # 8072 - TUNNEL OVEN
Manufactured by RKL Engineering (UK) based on a VICARS design
Currently in production baking scones. Suitable for baked goods, cake, sponge etc.
Would require a burner re-jet upgrade for biscuit production
Includes a RINC EUROPE belt spreader on the infeed to distribute the product across the belt.
Direct Fired. Natural Gas
The oven has a steel band 1100mm wide with a belt cleaner on the underside return and a working height of 970mm.
The baking chamber is 24mts in total split into 3 zones
Zone 1 is 12m with 10 top and 10 bottom burners
Zone 2 is 6m with 5 top and 5 bottom burners
Zone 3 is 6m with 5 top and 4 bottom burners
This gives a total of 39 burners all of which are tri-zone allowing the flame to be adjusted in 3 sections along the length of the burner (across the width of the baking band)
The top and bottom temperatures in each zone are adjustable.
The total usable belt length including infeed and outfeed 27.1m .
The total length of the oven including the take-off belt is 28.7m long 2.1m wide and 2.8mtrs high to the top of the fans .
The take-off system is a scrapper that then transfers the product to a short wire link conveyor
The oven has a variable bake time and all settings are accessed via the touch screen which is at the infeed but can be positioned anywhere.
The oven is equipped with 1 variable speed fan controlling the combustion air and 2 fans for the extraction system .these are fitted with sensors and are linked to a full safety system including 2 gas shut off valves .
ALLEN-BRADLEY PanelView Plus 1000 PLC and HMI Touchscreen
Manual tracking, The band is tensioned by 2 compressed air cylinders.
Emergency crank handle to empty oven
Side inspection hatches and access panels
Electrical controls by PL CONTROLS (UK)
The oven requires gas pressure of 22-30 mb compressed air 6-8 bar and electrical supply of 415 v +n+e


ManufacturerRKL Engineering
Stock Number8072