Starch Mogul Plant

Starch Mogul Plant



1252 x Wooden Starch Trays, measuring 420 x 390 x 30mms.

SILVERSON High Speed Mixer with stand. 3 Phase. Model 10 X.

Stainless Steel Fulton Boiler , 10E (suitable of LPG or Natural Gas), Fully serviced + new gauges + stainless steel studs, Includes: 

Stainless Steel Condensate Return/Heat Sink, Pump, Stainless steel blowdown vessel (MJ Roberts), Karl Dungs Ltd. Gas Pressure regulator.

Spirax Cycle with pressure reducing valve (year unknown) + steam delivery system (various pressure reducing valves and steam trips included).

SKERMAN Cooker , recently pressure tested to 80 PSI, with Brook Compton Motor and Gearbox recently replaced (Sheffield Transmission Developments).

SSP Pump: SR/4/079/LS/3A.

2 x Water Jacketed tanks with slow speed stirrers + 2 3 Phase motors. Makers, years & serial numbers unknown at the moment.

Coral Hobby Starch Extractor.

SKERMAN Polishing Pan

Charnwood Starch Extractor – W691, Capacity: 0.239 metre, Flowrate: 3000 cu meter/hour.

PALL Steam Cleaner . 2 dehumidifiers + 1 air conditioner.

GUISSO (Italy) Starch Mogul, Includes 4 x depositing plates of various sizes, 16 x mould boards.

Hand load/unload, 90 deposits per tray (current set up), 9 trays per minute (speed can be adjusted), 2 colour depositor (if needed), Printer, Starch Buck.

GUISSO Swan Neck Conveyor, Right angle feed, Variable speed Vibrator

GUISSO Candy Cleaner, , Variable Speed w/ air regulator.

GUISSO Steam Tunnel,

GUISSO Sugar Sander, , Candy catcher/transporter included (with stands and motor).

GAINSBOROUGH Vertical Form Fill & Seal Packaging Machine, year unknown, with Printer, Bronze Single line weigher, I mark reader, Rotormotion printer,


Stock Number8420