(2) Teabag Machines

(2) Teabag Machines


Item #8396 - (2) TEABAG MACHINES (available separately)

Manufactured by IMA, 

Model C2000.

Producing Heat Sealable, Double Chamber, Naked Teabags with string-cotton thread and tag fixed by adhesive paper.

Each machine capacity around 450 bags per minute, 

each with approx. 65,000 working hours.

Heat Sealed filter paper, 

filter paper width 87mms.

Teabag size 40 x 58mms, 

tag Size 28 x 32mms.

Automatic Filter Paper Splicing System, Automatic Tag Splicing System.

Automatic Cartonning Unit, carton sizes 149 x 60 x 43mms (25 teabags), 149 x 60 x 84mms (50 teabags), 149 x 60 x 126mms (75 teabags), and 149 x 60 x 165mms (100 teabags).

Machine weight 6300Kgs, machine dimensions 5080 x 1700 x 2555mms high.


Stock Number8396