Tunnel Oven

Tunnel Oven


Item #8395 – TUNNEL OVEN

Manufactured by AASTED, 

Model Conny Type 1000.

Indirect fired Convention Impingement Tunnel Oven, 

Gas Fired, 1-Zone.

1000mms wide, 

Infeed is 4400mms. Baking length is 6000mms. Outfeed is 8800mms. Total length is 20140mms.

BERNDORF Stainless Steel Solid Belt, 

Runs Right to Left Operation

3 x 400Volts, 50Hz, ALLEN BRADLEY HMI Controls.

WEISHAUPT WG20 Burner, Size 160Kw – 500,000btu.

Band Speed 1.5 to 10 metres per minute, 

Temperature range from 150 to 375 degrees C.

Including 10 x Individual Hinged Insulated Doors to allow easy access into oven chamber.

Suitable for products : Deposited/Extruded/Wire Cut/Moulded Biscuits, Cakes & Batters etc.

Still set up and in very good working order. Used for product testing & development


ModelConny type 1000
Stock Number8395