Built to order

Manufactured by MYM Makine (Turkey)


• Used for coating chocolate to products such as biscuit, wafer, cake, chocolate, Turkish delight etc. Bottom, top or complete coating options are available. 

• Wire tapes are completely made of 304 quality chrome-nickel material. There is a blowing system in order to eliminate the fluctuation on the band exit and to transfer the excess chocolate to the reservoir. 

• Single and double waterfall options are available and the reservoirs are heat-walled. 

• All materials in contact with food are stainless 304 quality Chromium-Nickel. The product flow can be easily followed through the windows located on the sides. 

• Side covers are of openable feature and there is a heating system in the area where the coating process is located. 

• There are scrapers to prevent roughness at the bottom of the product at the coating exit. 

• Machine speed can be adjusted to operate simultaneously with the facility. 

• There is a flow rate and a height adjustable blowing system that regulates the thickness of the top coating, and the bottom coating can be adjusted manually at the desired thickness. 

• Fan flow rate can be adjusted with a motor speed control device. The air blown by the fan can be controlled with a sensitivity of +/-0,20C. 

• Values such as wall temperatures, chocolate temperature, machine speed, blowing flow rate can be controlled from the touch screen. 

• Chocolate coating machines have an automatic wire tapes cleaning system. 

• Has a wideness of 1000 mm wire tapes. 

Input Power 11 kW

Voltage 380V-3 Phase N Pe – 50 Hz

Material Stainless steel (304 CRNI)

Coating Specifications: 1/Half-coating with distance adjustment 2/Bottom coating 3/ Top coating 4/ Piece coating 5/ Soft coating 6/ Dense coating 7/ Vibration system 8/ Shaking system 9/ Fan of 1200m3 10/ Decorator 

11/ Loadcell controlled wire tape tensioning system 12/ Automatic air wire tape tensioning system 13/ Cylinder tempering 14/ Coating right and left control icon 15/ LCD control panel 16/ Ceramic ambient heaters 

17/ With wall heater 18/ Double chocolate reservoir 19/ Double chocolate pool with tumbler 20/ Chocolate pool automatic discharge system 21/ Chocolate Level detection sensor 22/ Automatic chocolate receiving system 

23/ Automatic drying system 24/ Fan with resistance heater 25/ Tail cut mechanism 26/ LED lighting 27/ Back and front wire tape drive system 28/ Automatic wire tape balancing system 

29/ Ambient steam prevention fan system 30/ Gas springs glass panel lifting system 31/ Possibility to lift up the lower cover 32/ Ambient temperature reading 33/ Chocolate temperature reading 

34/ Spiral type mixer 35/ Wire tape stripping system 36/ Graduated air orientation 37/ Waste water drainage after cleaning 38/ Worm screw movable front and rear pao knives

Mechanical warranty for 2 years

Located Turkey


ManufacturerMYM Makine