Vertical Bagging Machine with Powder Feeder

Vertical Bagging Machine with Powder Feeder


Item # 8387 – BAGGING MACHINE (vertical form fill seal)

Manufactured by ICA (Italy) 

Vertical Packaging Machine, 

Model CSV-30, 

with Auger Filler for powders

& MARKEM 9840 Coding Unit.  

The Equipment consists of the bagging machine + device to open the 25kgs bags of cacao + tank to store the cacao + transport system.  

The product last running on the line was cacao powder and cacao powder + sugar.  

used on bags of 250g and 1 kg, with forming tubes/shoulders included for these sizes.  

Option for block/flat bottom bags

The material of the bags used is pet + alu + pe.  


Stock Number8387