Item # 8021 – COCOA PULVERISATION PLANT – to make cocoa powder
Manufactured by BUHLER
Pneumatic transport of cocoa bean shells. throughput capacity 3.5 tonnes per hour, entry temperature 80 degrees C, exit temperature 18 degrees c. Horizontal length approx. 25 metres, vertical height approx.. 20metres.
Contact parts in stainless steel when in contact with the powder, in painted mild steel for other parts.
Installation includes :
Bacteriological filter at the suppressor fan, suppressor group with motor, transmission complete with protective cover, silencer at entry and exit, security valve, anti-return head, manometer, noise control system.
Air transport system in stainless steel between the suppressor and the Lock, maximum length 15 metres including set of air pipes, pressure switch, Eurac set of fittings, leg support to be developed on site, electrical controls.
Pulverising/Milling Line for cocoa powder, Type SCR-2.
Capacity 2 tonnes per hour of cocoa powder containing 10-12% cocoa butter fat.
1.5 - 2 tonnes per hour on cocoa powder containing 20-24% cocoa butter fat.
Painted in mild steel except where parts are in direct contact with product.
Complete line comprises:
1 x Filter-extractor type PERFIFAL 700 with 0.55 kw motor.
1 x metal detector with control reel and removable electric control cabinet.
1 x ejection hopper with capacity to eject metal particles.
1 x Lock group PSC 25-20 with 0.75Kw motor.
SCR-2 Mill with chamber with inspection view,
2x drive groups operating separately allowing speed control with one drive 55 KW with frequency variator and one with 55 KW at fixed speed.
1 x Sieve with access mounted on frame.
1 x tubular cooler for powder and air, jacketted, with supports.
1 x cyclone separator with two doors, one pneumatic hammer.
1 x lock group MPSJ28/30 for powder evacuation, with 0.75 KW motor.
1 x special fan group with 75Kw drive set for frequency variation.
1 x unit for detecting sparks, with four detectors and one control cabinet.
1 x unit for powder extraction after detection of sparks, with ejection and with water tight tank on rollers.
1 x complete unit for the automatic cleaning of the tubes from any powder.
1 x complete electric control panel automatic Siemens S7, includes 2 x frequency variators one for the fan and one for the frame motor, control for the gates, temperature controls, etc.


Stock Number8021