BAGGING LINE, vertical form fill seal


Item # 7568 – BAGGING LINE, vertical form fill seal Packaging Line for bags of product by weight or quantity, last being used for dry petfood snack products, including EFM MACHINERY Product Hopper/Bucket Elevator Feeder, Type OVB, Feeding product into a WARD BEKKER 8-Head stainless steel Multi-Head Weigher, was being used for weight range 70 to 200grammes (but could go higher, up to 5Kgs with multi drops). This is weighing product into another EFM Machinery Bucket Elevator Feeding Conveyor, Type KNB, which is taking the product then into the BOSCH SVB-3600A Bagging Machine, with PEC, possible for packing with CO2, euroslot, SIEMENS Simatic PLC control Panel, Outfeed Conveyor, Rotary Turntable, Also including a HACHMANG Volumetric Feeder/Counter, Type DDS31, feeding into the BOSCH Bagger so you can also fill bags by quantity of product (not just by weight), which is fed by a separate EFM MACHINERY Elevator Feeder/Conveyor System.


Stock Number7568