Item # 8032 – ICE CREAM PRODUCTION LINE Capacity: 6.000 L/8h, Filling of Plastic boxes with 0.5, 2 and 4 L, Line includes : 01.PUMPS on pallet 02.FILLING VESSEL 03.FILER FOR WATER 04.DUPLICATOR with mixer, volume 500L 05.DUPLICATOR with mixer, volume 500L 06.HOMOGENIZER with pump and filter GAULIN 07.PLATE PASTEURIZER (with automatic pasteurization) 08.CIP STATION for washing with condumeter POLIVAR 09.COOLING TANK with cooling unit (gas R404a) Capacity:1000L 10.COOLING TANK with cooling unit (gas R404a) Capacity: 1000L 11.DUPLICATOR (conect for chilled water) capacity:2000L 12.DUPLICATOR (conect for chilled water) capacity:2000L 13.FREEZER with capacity 400L/h ZETA GROUP srl Italy 14.FREEZER with capacity 400L/h ZETA GROUP srl Italy 15.FILLING MACHINE semi-automatic for filling ice cream 16.FRUIT FEDER "TECNOFREEZE" Italy 17.INJECTOR FOR SYRUP "TECNOFREEZE" Italy 18.MACHINE FOR LABELLING marked with date 19.CONVEYER for make date on products. 20.MULTI SET with compressors for freezing tunnel 21.EVAPORATOR for freezing tunnel (fot tunnel capacity 750kg/h) 22.AIR CONDENSER for freezing tunnel dim.4500x700xH1200mm 23.ICE BANK MACHINE for 16.000L (like new) for chilled water 24.ICE BANK MACHINE for 12.000L (old) for chilled water 25.AIR CONDENSING UNIT for ice bank machine 26.ELECTRO BOX for cooling system for freezing tunnel 27.BOILER for preparing sanitary water CENTROMETAL 28.GAS BOILER mark "DOMOVLE" with capacity 215kW


Stock Number8032