Complete Tortilla Chip Production Line


Item # 7483 - Complete Tortilla Chip Production Line,
Manufactured by JC FORD (USA)
Capacity: 1200 lbs/hour.
Consisting of
- Masa Mixer MM 600
- Water dosing meter
- Platform for Mixer
- Pre-Sheeter
- Sheeter TC with several brass cutters,have been upgraded with Blade
take off system
- Oven
- Equalibrating Conveyor
- Fryer
- Thermal Oil Heat Exchanger for Fryer
- Drum Fines Remover for Fryer
- KMG Seasoning Drum
- Wright Scar Feeder for spices
- KMG Seasoning Infeed System with load cells
- Outlet Conveyor


ManufacturerJC FORD
Stock Number7483