Item # 7406 - MIXING SYSTEM FOR MANUFACTURE OF CREAM FILLINGS Manufactured by FPE (Food Processing Equipment, Italy) Used for pre-mixing of cream fillings for wafers. Also suitable for cosmetics creams etc This machine can make cream for a wide variety of products...they also made chocolate cream...their recipe was : 30 percent sugar, 30 percent fat and 40 percent like milk, soya, skimmed milk, flour..etc... no longer installed, last in production in 2013 The mixer is specially designed for processing viscous products such as blocks of fat Including: - MIXER FPE Model PREMIX-PM500 Year 2010, 500 litre capacity 400volt, 50hz AISI 304 Stainless steel heavy duty rotating stirrer and intermeshing stationary blades. These mixing tools cut the product after which other ingredients can be mixed in. The unit is made out of stainless steel and is jacketed for heating Wall scraping Jacketed max pressure 0.8 BAR. Upper lid with opening for manual loading of ingredients. Cleaning by a washing ball to be feed with water from Customer’s network at 4 BAR Jacketed tank for warm/hot water circulation in order to facilitate the ingredients melting/amalgamating. Safety pressure valve at 0.9 BAR Temperature control probe controlled by digital thermostat (40°C / 50°C). Conical Round bottom tank Appropriate mixing paddles inside driven by a 3 kw geared motor, the speed revolution is controlled by frequency inverter Sanitary discharge valve closes the pump inlet to avoid sugar crystallizing and damaging the pump stator during the feeding phase. Electrical and pneumatic installation DN 200/250 hole for pre weighed sugar in-feed DN 200/250 hole for pre weighed re works product DN 50 hole for pre weighed liquid fat Electric Push button for ingredients in-feed confirmation - Jacketed cream Buffer Tank Mod 700 Effective Capacity lt 700 Stainless steel AISI 304 construction on 4 feet for better levelling Jacketed tank for water circulation at a maximum pressure of 0, 8 bar. With inlet valve Enlarged bottom opening for better product discharge of high viscous product. Safety pressure release valve at 0.9 BAR to prevent overpressure On jacketed tank Upper manual opening gate for inspection and cleaning operations. Cleaning by a washing ball to be feed with water from Customer’s network at 4 BAR Filter inlet for pre-mixed product to prevent foreign matters entering in the container Wall scraping and blades for stirring product 8 RPM (geared motor Kw 3). Conical bottom tank (does not include pump from mixer to holding tank)


Stock Number7406