Doypack Bagging Line

Doypack Bagging Line



Pre-Formed Doypack Sachet Machine with Multi-Head Weigher

Was last packing loose tea into doypack sachets, 80grammes bags measuring 140mms wide x 210mms long

Doypack machine manufactured by EIAHE (China)

Model BGH/P-3600,

Pre-Formed Doypack Sachets with zip closure, No Fill – No Seal

Suitable for 85 to 210mms wide x 140 to 280mms high Sachets

capacity from 20 to 60 per minute, depending on sachet size & product

Machine measures 2900 x 1050 x 1470mms high, weight 1100Kgs.

220Vots, 60Hz, 3kW Power. ALLEN BRADLEY Plc Controls.

Multi-Head Weigher manufactured by ISHIDA

Model CHW-210, 10-Head,

Stainless Steel buckets. 

Weight range from 14 to 1000grammes, accuracy 0.3 to 1.5grammes

Maximum 3000mls weighing capacity, maximum 75 weights per minute.

Also with platform for the Multi-Head Weigher, plus Bucket Elevator Product Feeder.


ManufacturerIshida / EIAHE
Stock Number8382