Flour Storage and Handling System

Flour Storage and Handling System

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Manufactured by REIMELT

Complete flour and other materials handling system for bakery use

This system can be used for all bakery products. Bread, Buns, Biscuits, Cakes, maamoul, croissant, pastry etc

Year 2007


11 Silos for wheat flour storage - Each silo has 20 tons storage capacity (220 tons) The silos are made of mild steel with food grade Lacquer coated /epoxy coated inside and outside is powder coated

11 Rotary Motors


2 Liquid fat dosing stainless steel tanks used for oil storage/shortening storage.

11 DELTA Blowers for air

1 Wheat flour bag tipper

1 Sugar Shifter

lot Pipes& Bends for complete system

lot Dust receiving hopers

lot Scale Hopers

lot Liquid dosing& Aspiration system

lot Scaling Station

lot Liquid Scaling Station

lot Buffer Hopers for flour

4 Pneumatic blenders& Motors on top  

lot Complete Wheat Flour Treatment& cooling system - This is a system the cool the wheat flour continuous by air to stabilize the wheat flour temperature. because some time wheat flour come from supplier fresh and temperature is too high. so to keep one standard of wheat flour temperature for all products like cup cake. cheese puff. croissant. bread. buns and any other bakery product

lot Complete system for Micro& Macro - Complete system for Micro& macro Ingredients - this system is in built in Reimelt system to weigh and airing the mixing together micro and macro or major ingredients together as per recipe to keep one standard for all the time to keep constant quality of product for all the time

Micro ingredients like Citric acid. yeast. emulsifier. baking powder. Enzymes. The ingredients which use very little amount

Macro ingredients. Like wheat flour. sugar. oil, shortening. major portion of the recipe.

lot Dosing& weighing system

10-12 CONTROL PANNEL BOARDS S.S - FOR Complete system operations& PLC 

2 S.S PUMPS for fat/Oil transfer

There are a lot of new spare parts like Delta blowers, 10 pcs, Rotary Motors,4,A lot off Pneumatic pipe fitting ,bends, clamps, micro dosing system, macro dosing system, weigh scaling hopers, and others


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