MARMAK BAGGING LINE, vertical form fill seal


Item # 7469 – BAGGING LINE, vertical form fill seal
Complete packing line for Quadro Bags, Pillow Bags, Gusseted Bags
Manufactured by MARMAK (Turkey)
Includes product infeed conveyor
Multi-head Weigher model VMHT-10+10 (20 head), weight range up to 3000g
Bagging machine model H5 250Q 20T.
with photocell for printed film, with ICE Zodiac HS coder
tubes available 70mm, 80mm, 100mm, 140mm and Quadro bag 170mm x 100mm
Siemens PLC,
Depending on product up to 180 bags per minute
pillow bag size range - Bag length 50mm to 400mm : Bag width 70mm to 260mm
Quadro bag size range - 55mm to 180mm wide x 45mm to 120mm deep x 100mm to 350mm high
Includes product outfeed conveyor
Recently out of production, last used on a biscuit product.
Includes gantry with steps


Stock Number7469