Item # 7398 – "EGG DROP" DEPOSITED BISCUIT LINE - to be sold as a line or as separate parts
The egg drop is 32mm diameter, 1.76g weight. Approximately 500kg per hr depending on baking time used
Manufactured by FPE
- Batter Slurry Pre-mixer - Mod PM 400
- mono delivery transfer pump double stage
- automatic Feeding Valve for flour and sugar
- automatic Feeding Valve for Liquid
- Jacketed Buffer / Holding Tank - Mod CP 600
- Continuous Aerating Mixer - Turbomixer
- control panel and pipework
- Washing System
- FPE Depositing Machine above the oven Infeed End - mod. DM 1000. Working width: 1,200 mm. Depositor head not included as it is product specific
Depositor placed above the oven Infeed End.
- Combined continuous Gas Heated Oven Manufactured by IMAFORNI. 1.2m wide steel band belt
• 12 m Direct Gas Heated with no. 1 temperature control zones
• 15 m Direct Convection Heated with no. 1 combustion group and no. 1 temperature control zone
• 12 m Direct Convection Heated with no. 1 combustion group and no. 1 temperature control zone
• Weishaupt burners in the Convection Heated Zone
• Steel band conveyor,
• Scraper blades for band cleaning
• Feed end 5,260 mm
• Delivery end 5,700 mm
• Steel band automatic tracking device
Total length 51.6m

including in the price,

(2) BAGGING LINES, vertical form fill seal, could be sold separately
Manufactured by AppecAstro (Czech)
Each line comprising
Infeed conveyor
Multihead weigher Model EKVM 16/2s. Weight range 10g to 2000g
electronic dosing multihead weighers have weighing hoppers operated by stepper motors. Weight sensing of the processed products is done by tensometric sensors with electronic vibration damping. Multihead weighers operate with a simple B & R control system.
Model BSV 04 CO high performance vertical packaging machine
has separated drives of the main units. Other machine drives use electronically controlled servomotors. This machine features fully automatic setting of all functionalities.
Maximal output of the machine 160 bags/ minute
Used for packing biscuits. 120g bag at 110 per minute, 240g bag at 60 per minute
Last used in production 18 months ago. Still installed.

Restrictions of sale - The Buyer is obliged to ensure that the equipment or the product will never be operated or sold in the territory of the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Hungary, the Republic of Austria, the Republic of Poland, the Republic of Germany, Ukraine and Croatia.


ManufacturerFPE / Imaforni