CIPA 2450mm wide TUNNEL OVEN


Item # 7265 – TUNNEL OVEN
Manufactured by CIPA
gas fired, 2450mms wide belt x 25metres long,
infeed entry height into oven of 110mms.
Steel Mesh Belt, variable speed,
4 x roasting zones, 2 x Weishaupt WG30 burners.
Previously used to bake sfogliatine
hot air oven.
Baking products possible:
- products placed in trays
- pastry
- pretzels
- biscuits

also includes other machinery that was running on the same line when it was making Sfogliatine
Trays supply line: Trays storage tower, Trays cleaning machine, Sheet taking machine, Final calibration unit, Ornament machine, longitudinal cutting machine, Longitudinal separation machine, Transversal cutting machine, Spraying syrup machine, Trays loading machine, Fermentation room


Stock Number7265