Capsule Filler

Capsule Filler


Item # 8353 - CAPSULE FILLER

Manufactured by ACG Pam

Model AF-200T

Capacity up to 200,000 per hour

With size 4 capsule parts for powders/granules 


Model SE200 Sorter Elevator - Automatically sorts and elevates empty capsules into the hopper of the capsule filling machine.

Model DP 200 Tablet deduster & polisher - Dedusting and polishing of Capsules with a spiral conveyor brush.

Two x Model C ADU 100 Air Displacement Units - Provides vacuum for the dedusting process.

Model ECS-100 Empty Capsule Sorting Unit - Separation of empty capsules from a batch of filled capsules.

Model MCS200 Mini Capsule Sorter - Removes diametrically distorted capsules, loose caps and loose powder

Model FCE-100 Filled Capsule Elevator – transfer of capsules to metal detector (which is not included)

415volt, 50hz

Total operating hours approximately 4166 – total capsules approximately 600000


ManufacturerACG Pam
Stock Number8353