Cooling Tunnel

Cooling Tunnel


Item # 8325 - COOLING TUNNEL

Manufactured by SELMI

Model TUN 200 - 200mm wide

Cooling tunnel manufactured in stainless steel: 

working length 4m (covered). Total length 7.1m, 

V.380 HZ.50 5 poles useful wide 200 mm. 

Cooling system with humidity control maximum 50%; thermal range 9/17 °C; absolute condensation 0,005 K/cm. Room temperature maximum 32 °C. Optimum working temperature 20 - 25 °C. 

adjustable speed of advance belt from 0,30 to 2,2 m/min. 

global installed power Kw 4.

includes enrobing belt extension, (temperer is NOT included)

- decoration zone 80 cm included

- extra detachment belt 80 cm at the end of the tunnel


ModelTUN 200
Stock Number8325