Teabag Machine

Teabag Machine


Item # 8322 – TEABAG MACHINE

Manufactured by TECNOMECCANICA

Model T2A

single chamber naked tea bag with string and tag & carton. 

with 10.700 working hours

-tag size: 28x23,5 mm (completely folded and heat sealed)

-tag reel width 56 mm. Tag paper is 85% normal paper and internal surface of 15% heat sealed layer.

-filter single bag size: 50x62,5 mm.

-filter bag reel width 130 mm. (heat sealing filter paper of 16,5 gr./sqm.)

-counting/stacking: from 20 to 25 naked bags (module regulation).

-automatic cartoning attachment for feeding, forming and closing the pre-glued carton box.

-carton box closure: tuck-in 

-carton box marking: by embossing device.

-carton box dimension: 50x120x60(h) mm. (the carton box may contain from 20 to 25 bags, depending on density of the product).

-electrical features: 380 Volt, 50/60 Hetz, three phases.

-speed: 200 bags/min.

380v, 3ph, 50hz


Stock Number8322