Carton Serialization Unit - labeller with print and tamper seal

Carton Serialization Unit - labeller with print and tamper seal


Item # 8305 – CARTON SERIALIZATION UNIT – Labeller, with serialization print and tamper evident seal

Manufacturer Stevanato Group / SVM Automatik, Denmark

Model FSU Integrated Multifunctional Serialization Unit

Year 2019

The FSU is a modular unit performs several functions, and can be configured with various options to handle market dependent operations, including serialization of

cartons with extremely limited footprints. Designed to fit into most existing packaging lines, and is manged by an open software architecture. Software includes

audit trail, interface to 3rd party systems for serial number provisioning (eg TraceLink), interface to packaging lines etc.

Key points:

• Guaranteed full compliance to all international standards

• Configurable for specific packaging setup

• Small and compact footprint

• Easy integration into other upstream or downstream equipment

• All-in-one solution with several integrated functionalities

• User friendly human-machine interface

• Easy format change by simple adjustments with scales

• Low maintenance


• Machine capacity 300 pcs/min

• Belt speed 60m/min

• Conveyor heights 800-1050mm

• Print height up to 40 mm

• Carton sizes Min: 30x20x50; Max: 80x100x200

Very little production time


ManufacturerStevanato Group / SVM Automatik, Denmark
Stock Number8305