Item # 7360 - BUBBLE GUM LINE including: 1 x PRAT 270 Jacketted Double Z Blade Mixer 150kg batch size 1 x GEORGE FOOD ENTERPRISES GF MX 300UN Jacketted Double Z Blade Mixer 150kg batch size 1 x BOSCH WEF 2010IN Bubblegum / Chewy Candy Coextruder - option for 2-ropes – They are running a single rope at 350kg/hr, Comes with two dies for two ropes as well as a second format (two dies for two ropes) Bubblegum - Maximum output up to 800kg/hour Chewy Candy - Maximum output up to 600kg/hour 1 x GEORGE FOOD ENTERPRISES GF CT450-11 Bubblegum Cooling Tunnel Complete with Refrigeration (9m long x 11 tiers = 99m of cooling belt) 1 x BOSCH BVK 2000S Pillow Pack In Line Cut & Wrap Machine. Complete with calibrating rollers. currently working on 4gr per piece – 22mm x 16mm x 7.6mm - length variable (servo & plc controls) Product dimensions: Height: 2 - 15 mm. Width: 12 - 30 mm. Length: 18 - 120 mm Pack dimensions: min. 40 x 15 mm. max. 200 x 50 mm Output: up to 1,600 ppm still installed and running, hardly used. (4 operators to run the line - 2 x Mixers, 2 Machine Operators) Factory Space - 25m x 10m = 250 square metres for production area only (length of line 20m) Services Requires - Electricity 3 phase 380/400v x 50hz – Total Load 150amps Chilled water – for Bosch extruder and cooling tunnel refrigeration compressor Compressed Air – for Bosch wrapping machine


Stock Number7360