Frozen Cone Chocolate Moulding Line


Item # 8218 - FROZEN CONE CHOCOLATE MOULDING LINE Manufactured by AASTED Model 425 Midi-C, Mould size of 430mms total width (380mms useful width) x 275mms deep x 45mms high, line holds 1100 moulds (550 book mould sets), needs one person to run, can run at around 20 moulds per minute, Kgs capacity will depend on size & type of product, including Control Panel System for line with ALLEN BRADLEY PanelView Plus 1250 Plc Controls. Line consists of : Shell Depositing First Leg with Mould Heater, Licking Device to clean old chocolate (from book moulding), 1st Shell AASTED Depositing Station (model EMP-2), 2 x Vibration Sections, Into 2 x AASTED Frozen Cone Forming Heads with ALLEN BRADLEY PanelView 550 Plc Controls (please note, there are NO FROZEN CONE FORMING PLATES Included with the line), Walking Beam System filling moulds into 1st Cold Air “Snake Style” Up & Down Cooling Section (no compressors included), Exit from cooler into Centre Filling Second Leg, Mould Warmer, including an AASTED EP2 Depositor, to be used as a Centre Fill Depositor on this line. (Can also do backing off) Vibrator, Mould Book Closer & Heater, back into Cooling Section. Backing Off Third Leg (currently not installed on line in factory, but available in warehouse with the line if required – framework without the drive chain). Exit from Cooler, Mould Opener, Vacuum De-Moulding of product (3-Heads, including actual heads is to be confirmed), Empty Mould Turn Over Device, Hammer De-Moulding, Turn Over Device, 2 x Mould Feeders, 1 x Mould Extract Hopper. NO MOULDS ARE INCLUDED. dimensions are: length approx. 36.3meter, width approx. 9.1 meter, height approx. 3.6 meter,


ModelMidi C-425
Stock Number8218