Plastic Pot Filler and Lidder

Plastic Pot Filler and Lidder

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Item # 6558 – ROTARY CUP/POT FILLING & CLOSING MACHINE Manufactured by TREPKO Model 211KS, for the filling and lidding of pre-formed containers Was previously running on pots of fondant icing - 140grammes (at about 30 per minute) and pots of 350/400grammes (at about 45 per minute). Current pot diameter is 85mm at the top opening (92mm with the extended lip for the lid and the base of the pot tapering to 75mm diameter). Height can be varied but the two sizes they did were 43mm tall and 113mm tall excluding lid Product Hopper with stirrer, half jacketed, machine rotates clockwise with feeder for pots & lids with pneumatic lid press, 8-cup holders. Exit from machine and onto lazy Susan Rotary Turntable. 3 x 400volts, 50/60Hz, 3.4Kva.


Model211 KS
Stock Number6558