Chocolate Bar Wrapping Line

Chocolate Bar Wrapping Line

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Item # 8297 - CHOCOLATE BAR WRAPPING LINE manufactured by ACMA flowpack wrapping style, current bar size 57 x 34 x 8mm. grouped in 160 x 86 x 92 mm display carton including infeed distribution conveyor type VK - Separated from Rows of Chocolate and Conveyor Belt Length 11700 mm. Band width 650 mm. Speed 64 rows / minute two type VG Rotary Vacuum Transfer Systems feeding two type VE Flowpack wrappers with integrated cartonning (350 bars per minute) two distribution conveyors Length 32000 mm. Width 200 mm. Speed 7 m / minute due to be removed from production June 2020 380v, 50hz


Stock Number8297