One Shot Depositor


Item # 8294 – ONE SHOT DEPOSITOR Manufactured by SELMI Model Tuttuno Year 2017 4-Nozzles, 8-Pistons, There are 4 pistons for the chocolate and 4 pistons for the filling, so in total 8 pistons. If you want you can exclude 1 piston and work with 3 only. minimum capacity of 1g per piston, maximum capacity of 10g per piston (so 10g chocolate and 10g filling/chocolate). Centres between nozzles of about 40mm, includes vibration device after deposit Electrical specifications: 415 V , 3 phase, 50hz. Power required: 3,5 Kw - 16 A - 5 poles Hourly production rate: depending on the product (about 90 moulds) Dimensions: h. 1600 mm, w. 1800 mm, d. 700 mm excellent working condition has just been serviced


Stock Number8294