Tube Filling Line

Tube Filling Line

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Item # 9057 - Line 901 – TUBE FILLING LINE

currently set up for plastic toothpaste tubes heat seal closure also with parts for Fold Seal Metal Tubes (not fitted)


Pump from IBC to filler

NORDEN Nordenmatic Tube Filler Model NM702-C 

415Volts, 50Hz, 20A

Size parts for 15ml and 50ml tubes

With ICS Chiller Unit 

CFM Vacuum Unit.

OCS Checkweigher Model HC 

For maximum weight of 750grammes. Push Arm Reject.

Inclined Transport Conveyor, feeding to a

CAM AV78 Vertical Cartonner 

Long Packing Conveyor.

NORDEN Nordenpac 702 Cartonner to run with this NORDEN NM702-C Tube Filler


ManufacturerNorden / CAM
Stock Number9057