Tunnel Oven

Tunnel Oven

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Item # 9039 - TUNNEL OVEN

Manufactured by DEN BOER/RADEMAKER

Model Maxoflex 30 x 1.2

Year 2008,

1200mms wide

30metres long

With Wire Mesh Belt

Was running on layer cake product

Gas Fired, 4-Zone

SIEMENS Simatic PLC controls

The Maxoflex oven is an indirectly heated oven, which operates according to the cyclothermal principle.

This very easy to maintain oven has modular burners with a wide adjustment range and is suitable for natural gas, propane or diesel.

The application of circular heating pipes in the cooking space allows you to obtain a large heating surface.

The heat in the lower and upper sections is easily adjusted using adjustment drawers.

The oven control panel is easy to use and features a digital temperature readout for the bottom and top sections.


ModelMaxoflex 30 x 1.2
Stock Number9039