Bagging Line (vertical form fill seal)

No longer available

Bagging Line (vertical form fill seal)


Item # 8937 - BAGGING LINE (vertical form fill seal)

Year 2021

Never installed in production. Still in original OEM supplied packaging

Was to be used for packing chocolate products (chocolate flakes, truffles, and buttons etc), in 30g and 300g bags

never installed due to change of plans


elevator conveyor, 304 stainless steel, intralox modular belt,

vibratory feeder and support frame,

gantry/access platform with stairs and handrails, 304 stainless steel, 3mm chequered plate decking

ISHIDA 14-Head Weigher, model CCW-RVE-214W-1S/30-SS-ENH1.

230v, 1ph, 50hz.

90 weighs per minute. Pans are plain, polished finish. Timing hopper 6 litre

GIC bagger model GIC 2100,

The 2100 model can make bags up to 250mm wide up to 400mm long at up to 90 packs per minute.

415v, 50hz.

With a Smartdate X65 coder

Including Forming Tube approx. 80mms diameter for a 30gramme bags, and a 165mms diameter additional Forming Tube.

Pushers to form a gusseted pillow bag

exit conveyor.

Combination checkweigher and metal detector: ISHIDA DACS-GN-SE012-24-SS-M-S Checkweigher, with Air blast reject, Weight range 8g up to 1250g. With CEIA Metal Detector model THS/21E, Aperture 275mm x 150mm.

1200mms diameter Rotary packing table

Power distribution panel

Line footprint : 3020mm wide x 4656mm high x 12640mm long


ManufacturerIshida / GIC
Stock Number8937