Chocolate Temperer/ Enrober/ Depositor


Item # 8286 - CHOCOLATE TEMPERER WITH ENROBING BELT AND DEPOSITING HEAD Manufactured by CHOCOLATE WORLD This machine can be used as a temperer, hand moulding machine, enrobing machine and depositor Model CW24 24kg capacity of chocolate able to produce up to 90kg/hr Year 2018 Model TE20 Enrober with double chocolate curtain, vibrating station, adjustable blowing unit, detailer, conveyor belt covered with paper (width 200 mm). The thickness of the chocolate can be adjusted by the vibrating system (adjustable in intensity) and by the blowing unit(adjustable in height and intensity). At the end of the line, the product is placed on a conveyor belt covered with food-grade paper. The conveyor belt speed can be set by means of a regulator Foot pedal control of deposit The dosing head distributes the liquid chocolate into the moulds. This saves time as the user does not has to scrape the chocolate manually. Furthermore it guarantees hygienic processing. The standard version is equipped with two dosing plates (3x7 and 3x8 layout), a mould guidance system installed on the vibrating table, a heated scraper and a dosing unit. With heated vibration table CW24 is 400v 50hz, 3ph TE20 is 230volt, 50/60hz, 1phase


ManufacturerChocolate World
Stock Number8286