We are European Agent for Betaform and can offer: BRAND NEW VERMICELLI CHOCOLATE & SUGAR PRODUCT LINE (Extruders also available separately) Built to order Manufactured by BETAFORM (Turkey)

Option1: The liquid product is getting frozen immediately during pouring into the base because of its chemical structure. As a result of this you can have vermicelli shapes during passing through the holes. Then it goes into cooling tunnel. Finally all products are transferred by conveyors or carts. 1 Product Transport Car 2 Cooling Tunnel 3 Transfer Pipe 4 Product Holding Tank 5 Vermicelli Unit

Option2: The product is waiting in storage tanks goes into tempering machines and tempering process is done. Then comes into the reservoir unit then goes on the conveyor belts. The thickness of the product can be adjusted as you want by using of spreading apparatus. It is getting cooled by passing through in cooling tunnel. Then the product is cut with different lengths. These products are carried up to the top of the vermicelli machine reservoir and fall down the conveyor belt. The vermicelli is cooled again by passing through in second cooling tunnel transferred by carts. 1 Chocolate Holding Tank 2 Industrial Tempering Machine 3 Chocolate Temper Discharge Machine 4 Chocolate Spread Parts 5 Cooling Tunnel 6 Conveyor Transfer Unit 7 Vermicelli Unit 8 Cooling Tunnel 9 Product Transfer Car