Doypack Sachet Filler


Item # 8282 – DOYPACK SACHET FILLER Manufactured by VOLPAK Model SP-170-SF Horizontal Doypack Sachet Machine, 380 Volts, 50Hz, 10kW, up to 80 Doypack sachets per minute, suitable for minimum sachet size of 70 x H60 x 30mms and maximum sachet size of 170 x H240 x 100mms. Currently set up for a sachet size 140 x H210 x 50mms, used for packing round teabags of powdered fruit tea product into a doypack sachet, so including a Tube Gravitation Device to drop the teabags. Could be replaced with an Auger Filler, Weigher, etc. for other products. (not included) with Zip Closure, with mechanical pressing code printer on the sealing edge. Foil fed from a Reel, foil size fi430 x 475mms.


Stock Number8282