Marshmallow Line


Item # 8265 – MARSHMALLOW LINE Manufactured by ARCAN MACHINERY (Turkey) Extruded Marshmallow Line, Capacity at around 300Kgs per hour. Line can produce single colour, non-twisted marshmallow, with optional jam filling. Currently producing a 20mms diameter x 93mms long marshmallow. Including S45 Turbo Aerator/Mixer, horizontal pin type aeration head, Mono Pumps for syrup & egg whites, Syrup Pump rated at maximum 235Lgs per hour, Egg Pump rated at maximum 116Kgs per hour. Pump Pressure monitors from the digital manometer & OMRON PLC display, PLC display also controls the product temperatures, PLC also calculates the amunt of air required for your product. Pneumatic Components by FESTO. Also with Belt Oiling Unit, and Jam Dosing & Filling Static Marshmallow Manifold, in stainless steel, adjustable jam volumes, each manifold has a flow regulating valve. With Model ABCT 16-18000 Cooling Tunnel, 1000mms wide, 16metres long cooling length, total length of 20metres, PLC controlled, Independent Cooling System with cooling capacity of 18000 Kcal/hour, also with Cooling Compressor, Evaportaor & Air Circulation Fan, Centering System on the belt, pneumatic components by FESTO, Tunnel is fully air cooled. with Marshmallow Guillotine Cutter, 1000mms wide, Blade works pneumatically, cutting length can be adjusted from PLC controls.


ManufacturerArcan Machinery
Stock Number8265