(2) 1m wide Chocolate Enrobing Lines


Item # 8264 – (2) CHOCOLATE ENROBING LINES (available separately) Manufactured by ARCAN Machinery (Turkey) Both Lines are 1000mms wide. -- 1st Line , Model ACCP 1000 Custom Enrober, all in stainless steel, OMRON Touch Screen PLC Controls for chocolate temperatures & speed, Conveyor Belt Speed of 1-5 metres /minute, Top & Bottom Coating, PID Controlled Wall Water Temperature Control System, All Pneumatic Components are manufactured by FESTO, 2nd Gear Pump uses the capacitive sensor control to send chocolate in the container to the tempering device. Model ACTP 18-28000 Cooling Tunnel, 18metres Cooling Length, Total length of 21metres, PLC Controlled, with 2 x Independent Cooling Systems with total cooling capacity of 28000 Kcal/hour, with 2 x Cooling Compressors, 2 x Evaporators, 2x Air Circulation Fans, 2 x Water Condensers, Centering System for belt, Fully air cooled Tunnel, Conveyor speed of 1-5 metres/minute. -- 2nd Line is identical, as Line 1 above, except the Cooling Tunnel is Model ACTP 22-23000, 22metres Cooling Length, Total length of 24metres.


ManufacturerArcan Machinery
Stock Number8264