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Manufactured by LALESSE (Holland)

Nominal capacity up to 130Kgs per hour

with finished product packaging into 20-150 gram PE packs. 

This is designed for corn curl shape and corn (maize) as raw material. It is possible to double the capacity by adding another extruder, because from the dryer to the end of the line it can already handle double the capacity. 

The line has one single screw extruder where the raw material (corn flour and water) is pressed through a die plate using high pressure build-up by the screw and high temperature created by sheer to expand the corn. The attached face cutter cuts snacks into desired length. After extrusion, the snacks are dried in a hot air belt dryer and coated with slurry made of oil and flavor powder in a rotating coating drum. Hot air is generated with an oil burger and hot air heater. Multiple head weight is measuring desired amount of crispy snacks, and automated packaging machine forms a consumer pack from the rolled preprinted material. Line including the following equipment : 

Item 1:  Mixer moistener with 3 kW single shaft mixer, material stainless steel, batch volume approx. 500 liters 

Item 2:  Screw conveyor with a hopper, diameter 100 mm, electric motor 0.75 kW, all stainless steel

Item 3:  Single Screw Extruder type LALESSE E90 screw diameter 85 mm, includes vibrating feeder, several different dies and rotating cutter. Electric connection 24.5 kW, product touching parts stainless steel

Item 4:  Round snacks cutting unit, electric motor 1.1 kW 

Item 5:  Pneumatic transport system with 1.5 kW centrifugal fan and feeding chute

Item 6:  Intermediate product silo, volume approx 1 m3, with vibrating feeder material stainless steel

Item 7:  Belt dryer, working with hot air, belt with 800 mm, length 4500mm, belt material stainless steel net, capacity 100000 kcal, temperature range from 100 to 250 C, insulated 

Item 8:  Couting drum, diameter 450 mm, length 4000 mm, material touching parts stainless steel

Item 9:  Mixing vessel / flavor system with speed controlled pump, electric connection 8 kW

Item 10: 3 belt conveyors with 240 mm wide PE belts, lengths 5.9-5.5 m 0.25 kW electric drives 

Item 11: Ready product silo, volume approx 2 m3, stainless steel 

Item 12: Screw pump with variable speed drive electric motor 

Item 13: Die washing station, electric connection 11 kW

Item 14: Cream filling unit with single shaft mixer, tank volume approx 200 liters, stainless steel 

Item 15: Cutting unit for tubes, speed controlled with a variator 

Item 16: Butler 3 320 Intermittent Motion Packing Machine with 12 head weighing machine 

Item 17: Hot air generator - with a fuel oil burner, light fuel oil consumption 15-20 kg/h, burner ELCO EL 3 A.20 - P , hot air fan, ducting, insulation. 

Item 18: Spare parts, set of dies, extruder screws, gauges etc 

Item19: Lloveras 1800kg chocolate storage tank

Item 20: Vacuum pump

Item 21: Chocolate pump

Item 22: Stainless stell Coating pan with a capacity of 250kg with 2 speeds

Item 23: Air blower

Item 24: 1 Coalza vertical for, fill & seal machine

Item 25: 3 vertical filling Packaging Machines with many collars


Stock Number8853