Chocolate Drop/ Button/ Jazzies Production Line


Item # 8245 – (2) x CHOCOLATE DROP/BUTTON/JAZZIES Lines, (available separately) Manufactured by JAHN, Both used for compound chocolate. Line 4, 600mms wide working width, 1300mms total width, total length about 23metres. Line 5, 800mms working width, 1400mms total width, 960mms belt height from ground, total length about 25 metres. Both with plastic belt, both running on white chocolate buttons from 18 to 24mms diameter, each also with Vibratory Hopper for sprinkling non-pareils onto buttons (so can produce “Jazzies”) Cold air cooling, R401 Gas, variable speed on the Cooling, covered cooling tunnel of around 17metres length (Line 4) and around 19metres length (Line 5). 415volts, 50Hz, 3 Phase. Restrictions of sale do apply, not available to customers in UK and Ireland (please contact us to register your further interest).


Stock Number8245