Tunnel Oven

No longer available

Tunnel Oven


Item #8829 – TUNNEL OVEN

Manufactured by HECRONA

1000mms working width

Oven width 1.8 m wide

Electric Heated.

Last used in 2022 for biscuits

Did have a Wire mesh Belt installed, this is not included. Could then be fitted with a Wire Mesh or Steel Band Belt. the tension system designed accordingly. (initially it was with steel band, owner converted it for their product suitability.) 

Length - 42 Meter + 4 ( approximate run in and run out ). made of two meter sections so length could be shortened

Two (2) Exhausts.

Baking time of 4 to 20minutes.

With Electric Panel & Control Desk.

Now been dismantled and in Sea Worthy Case Packing.

400V, 3 ph, 50 Hz.

500KW connected load. Depending upon initial moisture in the cookie dough, normally 300 to 350 is the Electrical unit consumption for per Ton production.

All dismantled correctly and well labelled.


Stock Number8829