Mixer - Cooker

Mixer - Cooker

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Item # 8828 - MIXER / COOKER

Manufactured by KAJIWARA (Japan)

Type REOKNEADER KH (Steam Heating)

For Various type of bean paste, Jelly, Jam, Marmalade, Custard cream, Fondant, Filling, Stew, Roux, Various Japanese dishes (Tsukudani, Denbu, Kinpira), Cream croquette, Peanut cream, Sauce, Soup, etc.

Max. steam working pressure of up to 0.294MPa makes it suitable for high temperature cooking (also capable of handling high pressure steam).


Manufactured year:2018

Owner operated this machine only 1 time for commissioning since 2018.

380v, 50hz

Kettle volume 1210 litres

Kettle body has tilting function

Variable mixing speed 4-16 rotations per minute

Stainless steel


ManufacturerKajiwara (Japan)
ModelKHSA-10EL Reokneader
Stock Number8828