BAGGING LINE, vertical form fill seal

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BAGGING LINE, vertical form fill seal


Item #8826 – BAGGING LINE, vertical form fill seal

Was being used to pack Multipacks of Chocolate products, can do up to 5 x different varieties.

Two multihead weighers with bagging machine and end of line packaging

Currently set up for a Four Corner Seal Bag, with weight range 180-240gramme bags,

With bag measurements of 200mms high x 140mms wide x 55mms deep.

Capacity around 30 bags per minute.

Line includes the following :

First YAMATO weighing machine includes:

1. Dosing conveyor No.1- Model No.: R.TA-0001-130-01-12

2. Dosing conveyor No.2- Model No.: R.TA-0002-130-01-12

3. Dosing conveyor No.3- Model No.: R.TA-0003-130-01-12

4. Escalating conveyor Atec No.1- Model No.: R.TA-0001-130-02-12

5. Escalating conveyor Atec No.2- Model No.: R.TA-0002-130-02-12

6. Escalating conveyor Atec No.3- Model No.: R.TA-0003-130-02-12

7. YAMATO weighing machine- Model No.: ADW-416 SV, 16-head, 3 different zone.

8. Bucket elevator CIDIESSE- Model No.: ETC P.P

Second YAMATO weighing machine includes:

9. Escalating conveyor CIDIESSE No.1- Model No.: N.T.C.C

10. Escalating conveyor CIDIESSE No.2- Model No.: N.T.C.C

11. YAMATO weighing machine- Model No.: ADW-633RB, 16-head, 2 different zone. 8g to 1000g

12. Bucket elevator CIDIESSE- Model No.: ETC P.P,


13. SABALPACK Leopard Packing Machine- Model No.: LEOPARD S.B, 400Volts, 50/60Hz,

14. Escalating conveyor CIDIESSE- Model No.: N.T.I NCL,

15. SAFELINE Metal detector- Model No.: Rectangular signature V3,

16. OCS Checkweigher- Model No.: HC, maximum weight 1500grammes.

17. Round table- Model No.: GR2 PA (diameter 1450mm.),

18. SIAT Gluing Machine- Model No.: SM8 P.A,

19. Box pusher- Model No.


ManufacturerYamato / Sabalpack
Stock Number8826